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Duette / Honeycomb Blinds

For a more professional look and feel that will enhance any room in your home or office.

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  • Light filtering abilities

  • Superior insulation

  • Noise Reduction

Honeycomb Blinds in Scunthorpe & Brigg

When it comes to someting a little different honeycomb blinds could be the choice for you. Honeycomb Blinds in Scunthorpe & Brigg are some of the most elegant and innovative blinds on the market, thanks to their unique design. The ‘honeycomb’ pattern isn’t just for show; it helps to increase the blinds’ energy efficiency as the air pockets in the honeycomb design improve insulation, reducing the amount of heat lost through the window.

Duette Blinds

Honeycomb blinds, also known as duetteblinds, are a popular and innovative window covering solution. They are renowned for their energy efficiency and sleek design. These blinds feature a unique cellular structure, resembling the shape of honeycomb cells, which trap air within the pockets, creating a layer of insulation between the window and the room. This design helps regulate indoor temperatures by minimising heat transfer, making them ideal for both hot summers and chilly winters. Additionally, duette blinds come in a range of opacities, allowing homeowners to control the level of light filtering and privacy desired. Their versatile design makes them suitable for any room in the house, from bedrooms to living areas and offices. With their modern aesthetic and practical benefits, honeycomb blinds have become a popular choice for those looking to enhance the comfort and style of their living spaces while also reducing energy costs.

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  • Contact us to arrange a home visitThe starting point for your new blinds; you speak to us and our friendly staff will discuss your needs with you.
  • We come to youOur home visit service allows us to measure up your windows, enabling us to make your made-to-measure blinds with the exact dimensions required.
  • Ordering your blindsTake your pick from our variety of styles and designs, and order your made-to-measure blinds from us.
  • How we'll fit your blindsWe’ll install your blinds with the utmost precision and care, ensuring that you have the perfect window dressing in no time.
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Applewhite Blinds proudly supplies to our customers, made-to-measure Honeycomb blinds in Scunthorpe and Brigg. Furthermore, we do so with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. Our showroom is the ideal place for you to view our duette blind range, and we also offer a home visit service so we can consult with you on the best energy-saving blinds for your property.

For more information about our energy-saving honeycomb blinds in Scunthorpe and Brigg, or to find out if an insulating blind is right for your needs, get in touch with our friendly staff today. We will be happy to help you with anything you may need.